Morocco desert tours & Private Sahara excursions

The Sahara Desert is one of those once-in-a-lifetime destinations. Morocco desert tours are unique experiences to spice your Morocco private holidays, take a sunset camel ride, and stay overnight in a luxury desert camp under the stars.


  1. Take an unforgettable journey deep inside Morocco, where stars meet the sand dunes and where a camel is your pathfinder under the moonlight.
  2. Enjoy a luxurious stay in the Sahara desert in a comfy glamping tent and have dinner under the stars.
  3. Travel in a private vehicle and take a guided tour of the UNESCO Heritage Site of Ksar Ait Benhaddou.
  4. Explore rural markets in Berber villages, hidden oases & valleys, explore old caravan routes, and fortified kasbahs in the southern parts of the kingdom.
  5. Cross over the High Atlas mountains and explore the vast landscapes and sand dunes of the Sahara, try fun activities such as camel trekking, desert buggies, or ATV rides.

Desert Tours with Infinite Morocco

Morocco Desert Tours are short guided trips of 3, 4 to 5 days or more, that depart from Marrakech, Fez, Ouarzazate, or Agadir. All these desert tours include at least 1-night camping in the Sahara desert, mostly Erg Chebbi, which is a popular desert destination in Morocco, alternatively to Erg Chigaga which is considered remote and wild dunes of Morocco. All our Morocco desert tours can be customized to suit your requirements in terms of accommodations from mid-range to luxury camps and top-end riads, time frame, pick up & drop off locations as well as flexibility. As a local tour operator, we run the Morocco desert tours on daily basis so do not hesitate to e-mail us your dates or call our Tripadvisors to design your itinerary.

Morocco desert tours with Erg Chebbi: Erg Chebbi or Merzouga are the dunes located in the southeast of Morocco, a 9 and 5 hours drive from Marrakech, and Ouarzazate, respectively. The Erg Chebbi dunes are the ideal desert area in terms of location: If you wish to combine between southern and northern Morocco in a limited amount of days, the easy access from cities such as Fez, Marrakesh, and Ouarzazate and the wide choice of accommodation from luxury hotels & camps to cheaper auberges (Inns) in the dune line. All this makes Erg Chebbi dunes a notable desert destination in Morocco.

During a Morocco desert to Erg Chebbi, one can spend a single night in the middle of dunes under the nomad Bedouin tents in a camp or a well-equipped hotel at the dune line of Erg Chebbi in the Merzouga area. A camel trek is a must-do activity, and it could be a short sunset camel ride or an overnight camel trek for 2 hours with a sunset and night in Bedouin nomad tents in a camp located in an oasis. The next morning, you are invited for a beautiful sunrise on the dunes before you get back on a camel to the hotel to refresh and head to the next destination: Fez, Marrakech, or elsewhere. Extended Merzouga camel treks with a local desert guide/camel driver are available over 2 to 3 days wandering inside the Erg Chebbi dunes. These activities can be included as part of your Private Morocco Desert Tour.

Morocco desert tours with Erg Chigaga: Erg Chigaga are the sand dunes located in the south of Morocco close to Mhamid and Foumzguid, an 8 and 5 hours journey from Marrakech and Ouarzazate respectively. They are the remote sand dunes of Morocco and could be a great fit for round trips Morocco desert tours departing Marrakech, Essaouira, Agadir or Ouarzazate. During a Morocco desert to Erg Chigaga, one can stay a night or two in a nomad tented or a luxury desert camp and take a sunset camel ride.

Morocco Desert Tours from Marrakech

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