Morocco Desert Tours & Private Sahara Excursions:

Morocco Desert Tours are short trips of 3, 4 to 5 days or more that run from Marrakech to Fez or Fes to Marrakech or return to Marrakech, all these desert tours include at least 1 night camping in the Sahara desert, mostly Erg Chebbi, which is a popular desert destination in Morocco. All our Morocco desert tours can be customized to suit your requirements in terms of accommodations from mid-range to luxury camps and top end riads, time frame, pick up & drop off as well as flexibility, we run those Morocco desert tours on daily basis so do not hesitate to e-mail us your dates. 

Erg Chebbi are sand dunes located in south east of Morocco, a 9 hours drive from Marrakech and 5 hours from Ouarzazate. The Erg Chebbi dunes are the best if you consider taking photos, the easy access from Fez, Marrakesh and Ouarzazate and the multiple offer of accommodation from luxury hotels & camps to cheaper hostels in the dune line. All this makes Erg Chebbi dunes one of the famous desert destinations in Morocco known also as Merzouga, one can spend a night in the middle of dunes under the nomad Bedouin tents in a camp or in a well equipped hotel at the dune line of erg Chebbi in Merzouga area. Erg Chebbi dunes offers many options for Morocco camel trekking, as example you could take a short camel ride for sunset and spend the night in a hotel at Erg Chebbi dune line, hotels and Inns with swimming pool, ensuite rooms with air conditioning/heating are available. Also an overnight camel trek for 2 hours in Erg Chebbi with a sunset and night in a Bedouin nomad tents in the camp located in a oasis, sunrise and back on camel to the hotel to refresh before heading to the next destination either Fez, Marrakech or elsewhere. To extended Merzouga camel treks with a local desert guide/camel driver, we suggest 2 to 3 Days Erg Chebbi Camel Treks which are recommended if you tend to explore the dunes of Merzouga (Erg Chebbi), this activities can be included one of the options in your Private Morocco Desert Tour.

Morocco Desert Tours from Marrakech 3, 4 & 5 Days:

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Marrakech to Fez or Fes to Marrakech 3, 4 & 5 Days Desert/Sahara Tours:

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