F.A.Q Morocco Holidays & Tours:

  • Do I need travel insurance?

    Travel insurance should be obtained before leaving your country of origin. We don't force anyone to purchase it. Local hospitals have limited diagnostic capability. Private clinics can be expensive, evacuation can cost a lot, luggage can disappear, so insurance is a good idea.
  • Do your guides and drivers speak English?

    Our guides speak many languages as well as Berber and Arabic, including French, English, and Spanish, and often some German, Japanese and Italian as well.
  • What type of clothing is appropriate?

    ou can relax and wear whatever is familiar and comfortable on the street at home. Morocco is very tolerant and welcoming to visitors, you're not expected to act or look like a Moroccan. Longer shorts and shirts are fine for men. For women it's a good idea to bring a scarf to cover bare shoulders and arms in rural villages.
  • Tipping in Morocco

    Tipping is important as it is a common practice. 5-10 percent for a waiter is appropriate. Also, tip guides, drivers and anyone else that might help you along your holidays to Morocco. It’s not required to tip a taxi driver, but you may want to round up.
  • Drivers & Tour Guides

    Guides in Morocco carry badges from the Ministry of Tourism that allows them to do this job after completing training course. There are mountains guides for trekking and city guides or national guides who can accompany you on trips and visits of historical monuments.
    Drivers hold a professional driver card beside the driving license, they are not allowed to act as guides, our drivers are selected for their knowledge of foreign languages, Morocco and off course driving skills, so all of them speak at least English and French besides Arabic and Berber. When you book a tour with Infinite Morocco, an English-speaking driver accompanies you while we hire local guides for the medinas guided tours in Marrakech & Fes.