The Royal Palace of Casablanca

The Royal Palace of Casablanca, a breathtaking emblem of Morocco’s illustrious royal heritage, reigns supreme in the bustling heart of Casablanca, Morocco’s largest and most dynamic metropolis. This exquisite architectural masterpiece not only serves as the principal abode for the King of Morocco but also stands as a testament to the nation’s storied past intertwined with its pulsating present-day life. Casablanca, a city where the threads of tradition and modernity are woven together in a rich tapestry, offers its visitors an unparalleled window into the multifaceted cultural landscape of Morocco.

The royal palace of casablanca

Erected during the vibrant 1920s, an era characterized by the exhilarating rhythms of jazz, the thrill of innovation, and the flourishing of cultural intersections, the Royal Palace of Casablanca was brought into existence through the visionary artistry of the Pertuzio brothers. It is set amidst enchanting gardens conceived by the renowned landscaper Jean-Claude Nicolas Forestier. This period marked a renaissance of sorts, a fertile ground for the intermingling of Moroccan traditions with the sophistication of French architectural prowess, giving birth to an edifice that is as visually stunning as it is historically significant. Situated in the New Medina, the palace stands as a testament to both modernity and tradition, beautifully illustrating the harmonious fusion of past and present.

As one meanders around the Royal Palace, it’s impossible to remain indifferent to the exquisite detail of its craftsmanship and the rich narratives that the walls themselves seem to recount. While access to the palace’s intimate wonders remains exclusive to a privileged few, its exterior serves as a majestic canvas that showcases the elegance of Morocco’s royal lineage. The palace does not merely embody the nation’s rich cultural heritage; it is a jewel of architecture that encapsulates the essence of Casablanca’s continuous metamorphosis through the decades.

Visiting the Royal Palace

  • Location: Situated in the Hubous neighborhood, also known as the New Medina, the palace is a testament to modern urban planning infused with Moroccan traditional influences.
  • Accessibility: While the palace interiors are not open to the public, its exterior grandeur can be admired from outside the gates. The surrounding area, rich in history and culture, is open for exploration.
  • Nearby Attractions: Discover the awe-inspiring Hassan II Mosque, just a stone’s throw from the Royal Palace of Casablanca, renowned for its breathtaking architecture and as one of the largest mosques in the world, welcoming visitors to explore its grandeur and spirituality.

Practical Information

  • Best Time to Visit: Casablanca is best visited during the spring or fall when the weather is most pleasant and conducive to exploration.
  • Getting There: The palace is accessible via public transportation, with options for those driving, including parking facilities.
  • Tips for Visitors: Tourists are encouraged to practice respectful photography, explore nearby dining options, and observe cultural etiquette during their visit.

Why Visit

  • Cultural Experience: The palace is a gateway to understanding Morocco’s royal heritage and the architectural innovation that defines Casablanca.
  • Photographic Opportunity: Both the palace’s exterior and the innovative New Medina serve as stunning backdrops for photography enthusiasts.
  • Explore Casablanca: Use the palace as a starting point for delving into the wider attractions of Casablanca, from bustling markets to intriguing museums and the scenic coastline.


The Royal Palace of Casablanca offers a unique window into Morocco’s royal past and the cultural fusion that makes Casablanca an endlessly fascinating city to explore. Its allure lies not just in its architectural grandeur but in the stories and history it represents. We invite you to contact our travel agency for more information or to arrange a tour that includes the Royal Palace of Casablanca as a key highlight of your Moroccan adventure.

To truly bring this experience to life, high-quality images of the palace and the surrounding areas are essential. Capturing the essence of Casablanca’s royal elegance and vibrant street life will inspire travelers to embark on this memorable journey.

The Royal Palace of Casablanca map

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